Yale offers three degrees within the School of Engineering & Applied Science.

ABET-Accredited Bachelor of Science*

ABETThis is the most structured and demanding engineering degree program. Students acquire engineering knowledge in breadth (for flexibility for a fast-changing technological world) and depth (for understanding the subtleties of engineering design). Available programs (click for course sequences): in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, and Electrical Engineering.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

This degree program requires fewer technical courses and, therefore, allows greater concentration in non-engineering disciplines. Students can choose courses either for breadth of engineering knowledge or depth and, often, are able to graduate with a double major (e.g. Mechanical Engineering / Economics, Electrical Engineering / Computer Science). Available programs (click for course sequences): Applied PhysicsBiomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering (awarded as "Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences-Chemical"), Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering (awarded as "Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences-Electrical"), and Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science (awarded as "Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences-Mechanical").

Bachelor of Arts in Engineering Sciences

This degree program provides an excellent preparation for careers in medicine, law, business, government, journalism, and technical writing as it allows the most flexibility in course selection. Available programs (click for course sequences): Computer ScienceEnvironmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science.

Faculty advisers help each student develop a program of study according to the student’s interests. Within Engineering, each department/program has its own Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) who provides further guidance throughout the academic year. All Engineering students are required to take introductory math and science courses while investigating the various Engineering majors.

Graduate-Level Courses

Undergraduates may take graduate courses, if they receive the permission of the instructor and the appropriate DUS.

* Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,