Engineering is a challenging and rewarding field for young people of talent and creativity. It calls for the art and expertise of designing technological systems that benefit society, and involves problem-solving strategies that are readily transferable, and in high demand, in a variety of professions, including medicine, law and business.

Yale students get an excellent engineering preparation, and graduate with several additional dimensions. Unlike those at tech schools, our students take their non-engineering subjects in classes taught by renowned faculty and together with liberal arts majors whose focus is on social, political, economic, and other humanities areas. Our engineering students grow in the understanding of the complex social, political, economic and environmental implications of new technological products and processes. They also learn to communicate effectively. Not surprisingly, many of our graduates go on to establish outstanding records of achievement not only in technical fields but also in academia, business, government, and as leaders in their community.

Like any other outstanding college engineering program, Yale teaches students the principles of math and science, modern software tools, and how to design devices and systems. With most of our faculty being involved in cutting-edge research, many opportunities exist for students to participate. A student may begin research at any time, depending on the preparation and nature of the research. Many students begin as early as the summer after the freshman year.

Yale Engineering students receive ample individual attention from their professors. Yale’s School of Engineering & Applied Science has approximately 110 professors and we graduate approximately 300 students each year. It's a nice ratio of graduates to faculty. Our students have the opportunity to work alongside their faculty mentors on the cutting-edge of contemporary research. Many faculty members involve undergraduates in their research. Many students make innovative contributions, and become first authors on publications.

In addition to visiting us online, we hope that you will visit our beautiful campus in person. As for admission to engineering at Yale, application to Yale is made only through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Thus, any questions about admission to Yale should be directed to Undergraduate Admissions.