Advanced Graduate Leadership Program

The SEAS Advanced Graduate Leadership Program is a competitive program designed to provide doctoral students with experiences & training beyond the research lab, to better prepare them for the wealth of opportunities available to them, including careers in academia, policy & public service, and business.

The Yale AGLP has three distinct parts:

  1. Leadership Development – Progression through a curriculum of seminars, experiential learning, reflections and mentorship on research-based leadership practices built on leadership competencies and emotional intelligence methodologies, spanning 26 topics
  2. Internal Internships – Part time assignment for one semester in the office of a senior Yale leader where AGLP Fellows participate as members of that leader’s team to address issues and contribute to projects
  3. Professional Development – AGLP Fellow-directed funding for professional workshops, conferences, and other professional development activities (including career coaching and skills-development)

As an example of the Leadership Development seminars, the Leadership Competency “Accountability and Responsibility” seminar is available here.

Academic Tracks

Experiences that form the basis for becoming a successful professor and researcher. Fellows will benefit from internship and educational opportunities that allow them to hone skills in teaching, research, and outreach.

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Business & Industry Tracks

Focuses on management, entrepreneurship, and experiences that provide a practical application of the Fellow’s engineering education and training to gain an understanding of the business processes related to product development.

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Policy & Public Service Tracks

Designed for students interested in policy, law, and/or careers in science education and outreach.

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