Udo D. Schwarz

Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science & Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Room / Office: Becton 213
Office Address:
15 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 208284
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone: (203) 432-7525
Fax: (203) 432-6775
Email: udo.schwarz@yale.edu

Ph.D., University of Basel, Switzerland


Atomic-scale investigations of surfaces, surface interactions and surface properties with applications in catalysis, nanotribology (atomic mechanisms of friction), and nanomagnetism; further development of high-resolution scanning force microscopy methods.

Selected Awards & Honors:

  • "Heisenberg" Fellowship from the German Research Society  (2000)
  • Gaede Award (Principal Prize of the German Vacuum Society)   (1999)
  • German "Habilitation"  (1999)
  • Venia Legendi ("Privatdozent")  (1999)

Selected Publications:

  • Three-dimensional imaging of short-range chemical forces with picometre resolution. B. J. Albers, T. C. Schwendemann, M. Z. Baykara, N. Pilet, M. Liebmann, E. I. Altman, U. D. Schwarz, 2009, Nature Nanotechnology4, 307-310.
  • Frictional duality observed during nanoparticle sliding. D. Dietzel, C. Ritter, T. Mönninghoff, H. Fuchs, A. Schirmeisen, U. D. Schwarz, 2008, Physical Review Letters 101, 125505.
  • Friction at atomic-scale surface steps: Experiment and theory. H. Hölscher, D. Ebeling, U. D. Schwarz, 2008,Physical Review Letters 101, 246105.
  • Combined low-temperature scanning tunneling/atomic force microscope for atomic resolution imaging and site-specific force spectroscopy. B. J. Albers, M. Liebmann, T. C. Schwendemann, M. Z. Baykara, M. Heyde, M. Salmeron, E. I. Altman, U. D. Schwarz, 2008, Review of Scientific Instruments 79, 033704.
  • Principles of atomic friction: From sticking atoms to superlubric sliding. H. Hölscher, A. Schirmeisen, U. D. Schwarz, 2007, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A366, 1383-1404.
  • Theory of amplitude modulation atomic force microscopy with and without Q-Control. H. Hölscher and U. D. Schwarz, 2007, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics42, 608-625.