Udo D. Schwarz

Department Chair and Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science & Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Room / Office: Becton 213
Office Address:
15 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 208284
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone: (203) 432-7525
Fax: (203) 432-6775
Email: udo.schwarz@yale.edu

Ph.D., University of Basel, Switzerland


Local measurement of atomic-scale interactions and properties, including mechanical, electrical, and chemical interactions, to study materials science problems in surface physics and chemistry such as issues related to heterogeneous catalysis, nanotribology (atomic mechanisms of friction), and adhesion. To facilitate these studies, our group also specializes in the further development of high-resolution scanning probe microscopy methods.

Selected Awards & Honors:

  • Magister of Arts Privatim (honorary degree, Yale University, 2009)
  • Heisenberg Fellowship (German Research Society, 2000)
  • Gaede Award (Principal Prize of the German Vacuum Society, 1999)
  • German "Habilitation" (University of Hamburg, Germany, 1999)
  • Venia Legendi ("Privatdozent") (University of Hamburg, Germany, 1999)

Selected Publications:

  • Omur E. Dagdeviren, Chao Zhou, Eric I. Altman, and Udo D. Schwarz. Quantifying Site-specific Chemical Interactions Accurately Using Cantilever-based Sensors: Strategies, Challenges, and Solutions. Physical Review Applied 9, 044040 (2018).
  • Omur E. Dagdeviren, Jan Götzen, Hendrik Hölscher, Eric I. Altman, and Udo D. Schwarz. Robust high-resolution imaging and quantitative force measurement with tuned-oscillator atomic force microscopy. Nanotechnology 27, 065703-1 to 065703-10 (2016).
  • Eric I. Altman, Mehmet Z. Baykara, and Udo D. Schwarz. Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy: An Emerging Tool for Fundamental Catalysis Research. Accounts of Chemical Research 48, 2640-2648 (2015).
  • Dirk Dietzel, Udo D. Schwarz, and Andre Schirmeisen. Nanotribological Studies Using Nanoparticle Manipulation: Principles and Application to Structural Lubricity. Friction 2, 114-139 (2014).
  • Dirk Dietzel, Michael Feldmann, Harald Fuchs, Udo D. Schwarz, and Andre Schirmeisen. Scaling of Structural Lubricity. Physical Review Letters 111, 235502-1 to 235502-5 (2013).
  • Mehmet Z. Baykara, Todd C. Schwendemann, Eric I. Altman, and Udo D. Schwarz. Three-dimensional atomic force microscopy – Taking surface imaging to the next level. Advanced Materials 22, 2838-2853 (2010).
  • Eric I. Altman and Udo D. Schwarz. Mechanisms, kinetics, and dynamics of oxidation and reactions on oxide surfaces investigated by scanning probe microscopy. Advanced Materials 22, 2854-2869 (2010).
  • A. Schirmeisen and U. D. Schwarz. Measuring the friction of nanoparticles: A new route towards a better understanding of nanoscale friction. ChemPhysChem 10, 2373-2382 (2009).
  • B. J. Albers, T. C. Schwendemann, M. Z. Baykara, N. Pilet, M. Liebmann, E. I. Altman, and U. D. Schwarz. Three-dimensional imaging of short-range chemical forces with picometre resolution. Nature Nanotechnology 4, 307-310 (2009).