Martin A. Schwartz

Martin Schwartz


Schwartz Lab
Robert W. Berliner Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Cell Biology & Biomedical Engineering
Room / Office: Room 773H
Office Address:
300 George Street 7th Floor
New Haven, CT 06511
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 208017
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone: (203) 737-2930
  • B.A., New College of the University South Florida
  • Ph.D., Stanford University


Integrin signaling and mechanotransduction in the vasculature with emphasis on topics that are relevant to human disease. My lab works on fundamental biophysical mechanisms of mechanotransduction, how the resultant pathways govern cell function, and how these effects regulate development and disease in animal models.

Selected Awards & Honors:

  • Hayashi Lecturer, Woods Hole MBL Physiology Course; Marine Biology Laboratory (2009)
  • James O. Davis Lectureship; University of Missouri (2009)
  • Robert W. Berliner Professor of Medicine; Yale School of Medicine (2012)
  • Harold F. Dvorak Plenary Lecture; Harvard Medical School (2013)
  • Andrew P. Somlyo Honorary Lecture; Pennsylvania Muscle Institute, University of Pennsylvania (2013)
  • Elected fellow of the American Association for Advancement of Science (2016)

Selected Publications:

  • Baeyens N., Larrivée B, Ola R., Hayward-Piatkowskyi B., Dubrac A., Huang B., Ross TD, Coon BG, Min E, Tsarfati M, Tong H, Eichmann A and Schwartz MA. Defective fluid shear stress mechanotransduction mediates hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). 2016 J. Cell Biol. 214:807-16.
  • Yun S, Budatha M, Dahlman JE, Coon BG, Cameron RT, Langer R, Anderson DG, Baillie G, Schwartz MA. Interaction between integrin α5 and PDE4D regulates endothelial inflammatory signalling. Nat. Cell Biol. 2016 18:1043-53.
  • Conway DE, Breckenridge MT, Hinde E, Gratton E, Chen CS, Schwartz MA. Fluid Shear Stress on Endothelial Cells Modulates Mechanical Tension across VE-Cadherin and PECAM-1. Curr Biol. 2013 Jun 3, 23:1024-30
  • Hoffman, B.D., Grashoff, C. and Schwartz, M.A. Dynamic molecular processes mediate cellular mechanotransduction. Nature. 2011, 475:316-323.
  • Grashoff C., Hoffman BD., Brenner MD., Zhou R., Parsons M., Yang MT., McLean MA., Sligar SG., Chen CS., Ha T. and Schwartz, MA.. Measuring mechanical tension across vinculin reveals regulation of focal adhesion dynamics. Nature, 2010,466:263-6.
  • Orr, A.W., Stockton, R., Simmers,M.B., Sanders, J.M., Sarembock, I.J., Blackman, B.R., Schwartz, M.A. Matrix-specific p21-activated kinase activation regulates vascular permeability in atherogenesis. J Cell Biol. 2007, 176:719-727.