Jiangbing Zhou

Jiangbing Zhou


Zhou Lab
Professor of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging and Biomedical Engineering
Room / Office: Room 410
Office Address:
310 Cedar Street
New Haven, CT 06510
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 208082
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone: (203) 785-5327
Fax: (203) 785-2274
Email: jiangbing.zhou@yale.edu
  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University


Nanomedicine; Brain cancer stem cells; Neurodegenerative disorders; Drug delivery; Gene therapy; Stem cell therapy; Personalized therapy.

We are currently hiring postdoctoral associates for our lab. Please see our website for more information: https://medicine.yale.edu/lab/zhou

Selected Publications:

  • Zhou J, Patel T, Fu M, Piepmeier JM, Saltzman WM, Octa-functional PLGA nanoparticles for targeted and efficient siRNA delivery to tumors, Biomaterials, 2012;33(2):583-91
  • Zhou J, Liu J, Jiang Z, Patel T, Weller C, Piepmeier JM, Saltzman WM, Biodegradable poly(amine-co-ester) terpolymers for targeted gene delivery, Nature Materials, 2011, 11(1):82-90
  • Zhou J, Wulfkuhle J, Zhang H, Gu P, Yang Y, Margolick JB, Liotta LA, Petricoin III E, and Zhang Y. Activation of the PTEN/mTOR/STAT3 pathway in breast cancer stem-like cells is required for viability and maintenance. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2007, 41(104):16158-63