Daniel E. Rosner

Daniel E. Rosner
Research Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Room / Office: Mason 305
Office Address:
9 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 208286
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone: (203) 432-4391
Email: daniel.rosner@yale.edu

Ph.D., Princeton University


Dr. Daniel E. Rosner is Professor and formerly Chairman (1984-1987,1993-1996) of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Yale University. He is founder and Director of the Yale High Temperature Chemical Reaction Engineering (HTCRE) Laboratory and is an engineering consultant to many corporations and consortia (which have included ALCOA, Babcock & Wilcox, Bristol-Myers/Squibb, Columbian Chemicals, duPont, EPRI, EXXON, GE, Guardian Industries, Dresser-Rand, IFPRI, Pfaudler, Praxair, RERI, SCM-Chemicals and Union Carbide). His research activities include convective energy and species transport, fine particle technology, and combustion----subjects on which he has published over 250 papers and an award-winning book, entitled: Transport Processes in Chemically Reacting Flow Systems (Butterworths,(1986); reprinted 2000, by DOVER Publications). He joined the Yale University engineering faculty in 1969 after 11 years of industrial research experience, having completed his undergraduate degree (BS-Mech Engrg summa cum laude) at CCNY and PhD (Aero Engrg) at Princeton University as a Guggenheim Fellow. In his academic career, Dr. Rosner has directed the PhD-dissertation research of 23 graduate students. For his cumulative research contributions in the area of particle-in-gas suspensions, Dr. Rosner was named winner of the 1999 D. Sinclair research award of the Amer. Assoc. Aerosol Research, and the 2011 AIChE/Dupont Particle Technology Award. He received an Honorary Dr. of Sciences from UNED-Madrid (2002) and is a member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering. Becoming Emeritus in August of 2014, Dr. Rosner is currently Research Professor in the Yale Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering (2014-2017).

Selected Publications:

  • "Idealized Mathematical Model for Pharmaceutical Powder 'Micronization' Using Compressed Gas Anti-solvent (Re-) Precipitation (GASP); Predicted Performance for the Model Ternary System: Phenanthrene/Toluene/CO2", Ind & Eng Chem-Res (ACS), November 2015 issue (in press): D. Ramkrishna "Festschrift", (Rosner DE. and M. Arias-Zugasti)
  • "Transport-Shifted Multi-component Acid Dew-Point Predictions and Generalization/ Application of the Mist-Onset 'Tangency Condition' for Ideal Vapor Mixtures Near Cool Surfaces", Chemical Engineering Science, vol 129, pp168-179 (2015) (Rosner DE and M. Arias-Zugasti)
  • "Reconciliation of Kinetic Data for Organic Crystal Growth in Supercritical-CO2; Exploiting a Molecular Collision Theory Viewpoint, with Implications for Precipitator Process Design", Crystal Growth & Design(ACS), Vol. 14, pp 3783-3790 (2014) (Rosner, DE)
  • "Surface Energy Evolution in Pharmaceutical Powder Micronization Using Compressed Gas Anti-solvent Precipitation (GASP)", Industrial & Eng. Chemistry-Research, vol 53,pp 4489-4498 (2014) (Rosner DE and Arias-Zugasti, M.)
  • "Estimating Transport-shifted Acid Dew-Point Surface Temperatures and Conditions for the Avoidance of Acid Mists in Energy Recovery Operations", Chemical Engineering Science, vol 75, pp 243-249 (2012) (Rosner DE and Arias-Zugasti, M.)
  • "Novel Features of Aerosol Coagulation in Non-isothermal Environments" Industrial & Eng. Chemistry-Research, vol 50, pp 8932-8940 (2011) (Rosner DE and Arias-Zugasti, M.)
  • "Coupling Between Homogeneous Rate Processes and Fluid Deformation Rate: Brownian Particle Coagulation in a Rapidly Dilating Solvent", AIChE J. , vol 57(2), pp 307-318 (2011) Rosner DE and Arias-Zugasti, M.)