Graduate Study

The Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Department currently has 30 graduate students in residence, with an average of six students entering every year. Most graduate students are enrolled in the doctoral program, which entails a combination of course work and original research. The program mission is to develop students’ independence and creativity while strengthening their scientific and technical background. The size of the program relative to that of the faculty ensures close interaction between students and faculty.

Research and teaching focuses on a fundamental understanding of mechanical engineering and materials science problems. Thereby, students specialize on a specific field of study within one of the four tracks offered: Fluids and thermal sciences, soft matter & complex fluids, materials science, and robotics & mechatronics. More details can be found on the areas of research page and on the pages of individual faculty members.

Students participate in ongoing research from their first year in one-semester course research projects called Special Investigations, where they have the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. For their formal course work, which is typically completed during the first two years in residence, students can choose from an extensive course list.

Comprehensive information on Graduate Admissions can be found on the pages of the Yale Graduate School Admissions Office. For information on Ph.D. program requirements, please visit the Forms & Guides page.