Robert W. Galvin

Robert W. Galvin

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board, Motorola, Inc.

"Is There Leadership Without Legacy?"

By nurturing a process of continuous renewal, Bob Galvin guided Motorola 's transformation from a consumer electronics company with $290 million in sales in 1959 to a global leader in high-technology commercial and industrial electronics. Sales in 1992 were $13.3 billion. This renewal has been built on two key beliefs that are the foundation of his management philosophy: constant respect for people, and uncompromising integrity. He has spearheaded Molorola's program to improve quality and achieve total customer satisfaction. As a result of this effort, Motorola was a winner of the first Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1988.

Under Bob Galvin's guidance, Motorola has developed semiconductor technology for applications in computer-controlled two-way radio communications for public safety, national defense and the exploration of space. The company has become a leader in paging and cellular telephone technologies.

He has actively promoted the cause of business and economic education. His forceful advocacy of free enterprise was recognized when he was appointed chairman of the President1s Advisory Council on Private Sector Initiatives.

Bob Galvin also has been a leader in developing effective and far-sighted managers and technologists. Recognizing that people are a company's most important resource, he pioneered training and education for all employees at all levels and all functions. Motorola today invests more than $100 million a year in training. He believes that this major commitment to continuing education is the only way to develop the technological manpower that America needs to compete successfully. Many other innovative human resources programs were started under his direction.

A past president of the Electronic Industries Assn., he has led efforts to promote fair trade and build solid relationships between the U.S. electronics industry and national governments. Under his leadership, Motorola was one of the first companies to penetrate the Japanese telecommunications market. He is past chairman of the Industry Policy Advisory Committee to the US. Special Representative for Trade Negotiations to the Multilateral Trade Negotiations under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). He is chairman of Sematech, an industry-government research consortium, and former chairman of the Board of Overseers of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

He established Motorola's New Enterprises organization, an entrepreneurial greenhouse that helps keep Motorola at the leading edge of technology. As part of the program to improve quality and productivity, he began a format program of visits to suppliers as well as customers. Partnerships with these customers and suppliers, many of which are small businesses, have helped them survive and compete successfully against global competition.

Born in Marshfield, Wis., Bob Galvin started working for Motorola part-time in 1940, and joined the company permanently in 1944. He became president in 1956 and held the senior officership position in the company from 1959 until Jan. 11, 1990. At present he is chairman of the executive committee and continues to serve as a full-time officer of Motorola.

He attended the University of Notre Dame and the University of Chicago, and ho1ds honorary degrees from the University of Arizona, DePaul University, Quincy College (Illinois), St Ambrose College (Davenport, Iowa), St. Xavier College (Chicago), and Arizona State University. He received the Sword of Loyola Award from Loyola University in Chicago.

In 1970 the Electronics Industries Assn., awarded him its Medal of Honor for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of the electronics industry. He received the Golden Omega Award for outstanding achievement and leadership in the electronics industry from the national Electrical Manufacturers Assn. and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The Automotive Hall of Fame selected him as the 1988 Industry Leader of the Year. He also received the Medal of Achievement from the American Electronics Assn. in 1988.