Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

SEAS Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

The School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS) at Yale strives to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all members of its community to learn, work, and live our lives together. We acknowledge, welcome, and celebrate our differences, including those related to age, race and ethnicity, gender and gender identity, nationality, immigration status, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, and socioeconomic status. We work to prevent implicit biases from negatively impacting our community. Motivated by the understanding that research and education benefit from the supportive involvement of all people, we are committed to broadening participation and diversity in our departments and in our professions. We actively support the recruitment, retention, and success of undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, staff, and faculty from varied backgrounds.

SEAS DEIB Workshops

As part of the SEAS DEIB plan, we are committed to offering evidence-based diversity training for the SEAS community. For fall 2021, we’ve recruited some of the most talented and engaging DEIB facilitators on campus to offer SEAS-specific workshops on DEIB issues. Our goal is for all staff, faculty, postdocs and graduate students in our community to attend one of these workshops.

Virtual or In-person*
Grad Students
Inclusive Teaching
Melissa Scheve
9/22; 3-4:30
IN-PERSON: Poorvu Center (301 York St), Room 120C
Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts
Deborah Stanley-McAulay
9/28; 12-1:30
IN-PERSON, Becton 227
Leading Inclusive Lab Meetings
Jenny Frederick
9/29; 3-4
Inclusive Teaching
Suzanne Young
10/5; 12-1
Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts
Deborah Stanley-McAulay
10/6; 3-4:30
Implicit Bias
Darin Latimore
10/12; 9-10:30
IN-PERSON, 17 Hillhouse, Room 101 (TEAL)


*Will be updated five days in advance of the workshop

In addition, we encourage all SEAS community members to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities available to us, with belonging-related events happening nearly every day.

Please register here by 9/20.

Closer to the date of the workshop and based on the public health situation, we will decide and communicate to all registrants whether to host these workshops in person or virtually. Any in-person workshop will be held on the SEAS campus, in one of our buildings on Hillhouse. A virtual session would be held via zoom. In-person workshops will not be recorded or conducted over Zoom. If the university’s COVID-19 health and safety requirements are updated to require social distancing, SEAS will provide a Zoom link in advance to all registered participants.

You can also check back here to see in-person or virtual status updates.

Changes to registration after 9/20:
If you need to make a change to your registration status after 9/20 (whether to cancel, join, or switch workshops), please contact daniel.pak@yale.edu.


- Best Practices for Inclusive Teaching in Yale Computer Science, Yale CS Dept

- Inclusive Lab Meetings in Engineering, Jenny Frederick, Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning:
Ten simple rules for productive lab meetings (also many good references)
Ten simple rules for building an antiracist lab
Reflections and Actions for Creating an Inclusive Lab Environment
To Build an Inclusive Culture, Start with Inclusive Meetings
Inclusive Zoom meetings

Draft SEAS DEIB 5-Year Plan

SEAS DEIB Committee has created and revised a draft 5-year plan and can be viewed here. This draft plan has considered the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plans provided by each SEAS department in fall 2020.

Share Your Thoughts

Thank you to all those who offered input through our anonymous survey, which closed July 31, 2021.

Committee Membership

SEAS is grateful to the community members on the SEAS DEIB Committee who prepared these draft materials and who will review your feedback throughout summer 2021.

  • Florian Carle, Program Manager, Yale Quantum Institute
  • Afia Sarpong Frimpong, Biomedical Engineering '22
  • Amir Haji-Akbari, Assistant Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering
  • Vijay Jain, Postdoctoral Associate, Applied Physics
  • Michael Loewenberg, Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering
  • Ethen Lund, GRD '25, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
  • Ben McManus, Senior Administrative Assistant, Chemical & Environmental Engineering
  • Peter Schiffer, Frederick W. Beinecke Professor of Applied Physics and Physics
  • Tanya Shibu, Electrical Engineering '23
  • Sabrina Whiteman, Graduate Registrar, Computer Science
  • Stephanie Woodman, GRD '26, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science