Musical Instruments Week, Day 5: A Medley of Inventions

It's Musical Instruments Week here on the SEAS News & Events page. Each day, we'll feature a different instrument created as part of the course Musical Acoustics & Instrument Design (ENAS344/MUSI371), taught by Larry Wilen, a Yale senior research scientist and design mentor in the Center for Engineering Innovation & Design, and Konrad Kaczmarek, a composer and lecturer in the Department of Music. The students presented their instruments May 4, 2016 at the CEID in the John Klingenstein '50 Design Lab.

We finish our series with a medley of a few of the creations that came out of Musical Acoustics & Instrument Design (ENAS344/MUSI371). The instruments featured here drew inspiration from everything from wine glasses and Ben Franklin to Tuvan throat singers.