More New Sounds from Musical Acoustics & Instrument Design

The composer Edgard Varese often said that the continuation of music depended on the creation of new musical instruments. So certainly, he would be heartened by the efforts of the students in Musical Acoustics & Instrument Design (ENAS344/MUSI371), tasked with designing and building their own musical instruments over the semester. Taught by Larry Wilen, a Yale senior research scientist and design mentor in the Center for Engineering Innovation & Design, and Konrad Kaczmarek, a composer and lecturer in the Department of Music.

This year, the class brings us the Ado-Z, Sensory Overtones, the Vir-Cello, and many other new musical instruments. Here’s a quick look at each, as they were presented May 3rd at the Center for Engineering Innovation & Design in the John Klingenstein '50 Design Lab.