IBM and Meta Launch the AI Alliance with Yale Engineering as Founding Member

Yale Engineering has become a founding member of the AI Alliance, an international community of leading researchers, technology developers and organizational leaders aiming to advance open, safe, responsible AI that benefits society.

Launched this morning in a joint announcement by IBM and Meta, the AI Alliance consists of a broad range of organizations that are working across all aspects of AI education, research, development and deployment, and governance.

“We are excited to join the AI Alliance as a founding partner,” said Jeffrey Brock, Dean of the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science. “Its commitment to innovative and open AI development aligns with our vision at Yale Engineering. This partnership enables us to work with a broad range of university and industry leadership to pursue collaborative research, while formulating policy and standards for safe, explainable, and trustworthy AI.”

The AI Alliance is focused on fostering an open community and enabling developers and researchers to accelerate responsible innovation in AI while ensuring scientific rigor, trust, safety, security, diversity and economic competitiveness. By bringing together leading developers, scientists, academic institutions, companies and other innovators, the AI Alliance will pool resources and knowledge to address safety concerns while providing a platform for sharing and developing solutions that fit the needs of researchers, developers, and adopters around the world.

AI advancements are leading to new opportunities that can improve how we work, live, learn and interact with one another. Open and transparent innovation is essential to empower a broad spectrum of AI researchers, builders, and adopters with the information and tools needed to harness these advancements in ways that prioritize safety, diversity, economic opportunity and benefits to all.

While there are many individual companies, start-ups, researchers, governments, and others who are committed to open science and open technologies and want to participate in the new wave of AI innovation, more collaboration and information sharing will help the community innovate faster and more inclusively, and identify specific risks and mitigate those risks before putting a product into the world.

The AI Alliance is action oriented and decidedly international, designed to create opportunities everywhere through a diverse range of institutions that can shape the evolution of AI in ways that better reflect the needs and the complexity of our societies.

The Alliance founding members include AMD, Anyscale, CERN, Cleveland Clinic, Cornell University, Dartmouth University, Dell Technologies, EPFL, ETH, Hugging Face, Imperial College London, Intel, INSAIT, Linux Foundation, MOC Alliance operated by Boston University and Harvard, NSF, Oracle, Red Hat, Roadzen, ServiceNow, Sony Group, Stability AI, University of California Berkeley, University of Illinois, and University of Tokyo.

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