Jordan Peccia

Associate Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Room / Office: Mason 313C
Office Address:
9 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 208286
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone: (203) 432-4385

Ph.D., University of Colorado


Application of molecular biology to environmental science and engineering; bioaerosol detection and source tracking, microarrays and other high throughput measurements, production of functional binding biomolecules, biological production of sustainable fuels, and land application of biosolids

Selected Publications:

  • Source tracking aerosols released from land-applied class B biosolids during high wind events, C. Baertsch, T. Paez-Rubio, E. Viau, Jordan Peccia, 2007, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 73, 4522-4531.
  • Off-site exposure to respirable aerosols produced during the disk-incorporation of class B biosolids, S.Y. Low, T. Paez-Rubio, C. Baertsch, M. Kucharski, Jordan Peccia, 2007, Journal of Environmental Engineering, 133.
  • Emission Rates and Characterization of Aerosols Produced During the Spreading of Dewatered Class B Biosolids, T. Paez-Rubio, A. Ramarui, J. Sommer, H. Xin, J. Anderson, Jordan Peccia, 2007, Environmental Science and Technology, 41, 3537-3544.
  • A vista for microbial ecology and environmental biotechnology, B.E. Rittmann, M. Haunser, F. Loeffler, N.G. Love, G. Muyzer, S. Okabe, D.B. Oerther, Jordan Peccia, R. Raskin, M. Wagner, 2006, Environmental Science and Technology, 40, 1096-1103.
  • Incorporating Polymerase chain reaction-based identification, population characterization, and quantification of microorganisms into aerosol science: A review, Jordan Peccia, M. Hernandez, 2006, Atmospheric Environment, 40, 3941-3961.