Student Opportunities

November 2, 2018:

Yale Young African Scholars

A flagship program of the Yale Africa Initiative, YYAS is designed to introduce secondary school students (ages 14-18) from all African countries to the demanding university and financial aid application processes and requirements, thereby making higher education more accessible to the continent's most talented young leaders. The program is administered by the Yale Young Global Scholars Program and is built off the same model of interdisciplinary academic exploration.

Each year we employ 15-20 Yale undergraduate and graduate students to serve as instructional staff for the spring semester and summer program. Next year YYAS will be held in three locations: Ghana, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Yale students will work with our leadership team to read applications, design and teach seminars, and participate in various academic and residential life duties throughout the program.

We are looking for driven individuals who have a passion for teaching, mentoring, and inspiring talented African high school students, and who are willing to work collaboratively to create a successful and memorable program. All information can be found online:

The deadline to apply is 06 January 2019 at 11:59pm EST. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Students may also email the program at

October 9, 2018:

Associate Product Manager (APM) Program

The Schmidt Futures Challenges Project harnesses the power of technology, science, and people working together to take on 20 of the biggest challenges facing humanity over the next 20 years. To accelerate progress against these challenges, Schmidt Futures discovers the best work being done around the world and the best people doing that work. They then supply resources (research, expertise, ideas), invest early stage financial capital, foster coalitions and partnerships, and deploy talent to join high-potential efforts that are already underway. Through their activities, Schmidt Futures’ seeks to inspire broader action from other funding partners, philanthropies, and organizations.

The Challenges Project is now accepting applications for the initial cohort of its Associate Product Manager (APM) program, an entrepreneurial group of technologists who are motivated to change the world, eager to learn, and adept at seeing and bringing out the best in others. Through the APM program, Schmidt Futures brings together these talented young leaders with technical training in computer and data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence--fields central to unlocking progress.

Over the course of a two-year term, APMs will receive a broad exposure to how science and technology can be used to improve people’s lives. They will receive personalized leadership training, have opportunities to deepen their technical skills, participate in APM class trips to field sites in the U.S. and around the world, regularly meet in small groups with CEOs and world leaders, and be mentored by a network of distinguished figures in technology, including Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google. APMs will emerge from the program ready to manage technical teams, to start companies or non-profits, to be leaders at technology companies, and to be social and policy entrepreneurs.

The APM program entails a two-year, full-time commitment, during which the APM will be based in New York, with travel to Silicon Valley as well as potentially other geographies. Schmidt Futures is looking for new or recent graduates with a technical background who have deep knowledge in artificial intelligence, hands-on experience or interest in applying AI technology to solve real-world problems, demonstrated abilities in forming and leading successful teams in dynamic situations, are able to listen, build relationships, and draw out expertise and supports from partners, are driven by principles and values, and love to learn and get things done.

Applications are being accepted now through October 31st. If you are interested in applying you can find more background on this new program, including the application here.

To stay up to date on recruiting information, Schmidt Futures invites potential applicants to fill a short form here.

October 2, 2018:

Blockchain for Supply Chains Workshop Series

Excited about new technology and sustainability but don’t know where to start? Join Yale’s Center for Business and Environment for a half-semester (Oct - Dec), 6-module workshop series focused on blockchain applications.

The goal of the workshop is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to assess how blockchain technology can be used in a specific field with important sustainability implications: supply chains. The course will bring together experts from the blockchain, consulting, food, and fashion industries to guide students in exploring the question of whether blockchain technology can be used as a tool to improve supply chain management. This series is open to all Yale students (professional, graduate, and Yale College), especially those who are seeking to build expertise in blockchain, supply chains, operations, sustainable sourcing, product management, and/or client-based projects.

Enrollment is limited to 30 students. Apply by October 12.
More information on the course dates and topics can be found here

September 12, 2018:

Interested in sharing your passions with high schoolers?
Splash at Yale is an educational outreach organization that runs two programs each semester for students from all over the Northeast. All of the classes are taught by Yale students, and cover all sorts of topics ranging from The Geography of Happiness to Epigenetics to The Fibonacci Sequence to An Introduction to Skepticism. Teaching is a small time commitment but has a huge impact on our students!

On October 27th, we will be holding a program called Splash, where you can teach one or two-hour class(es). Teacher registration for Splash is currently open until October 1st. If you're interested in learning more, please visit our website or email us at If you make an account on our website, you'll also be added to our mailing list and will get a reminder email when it's time to register for Splash! Hope to see you at Splash.

Thank you in advance for your help, and feel free to contact us if you'd like more information!