Yale Engineering Match Game

  1. This item is used to characterize the properties of transistors, diodes, and other semiconductor devices.
  2. Known as the “MAD Machine,” it is used to synthesize gate dielectrics in CMOS transistors.
  3. Housed in a SEAS facility and available to all students, this offers nine potential sources for materials evaporation using RF and DC sputtering and thermal methods.
  4. This liquid chromatography system is used for protein purification.
  5. Also located in a SEAS facility and available to all students, this unit creates complicated multi-layered thin films.
  6. This atomic force microscope operates at temperatures near absolute zero. It is the only such microscope in the U.S. that is able to image the atomic structure of surfaces.
  7. This Von Kármán cell is used to produce and optically measure intense turbulence.
  8. This digital image correlation system quantifies regional surface strains on small specimens.
  9. This device controls and regulates a separate microfluidic system.


ANSWERS: 1-E; 2-A; 3-F; 4-B; 5-D; 6-C; 7-I; 8-G; 9-H