Xia Receives 2015 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award


Fengnian Xia, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, has received an Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award. The award is administered by the Office of Naval Research to support early career academic scientists and engineers who show exceptional promise for doing creative research. Xia was given the award for his proposal, “Transforming Nanoelectronics using Black Phosphorus.”

Xia’s research is focused on light-matter interaction and photonic devices; carrier transport and electronic devices; device applications in imaging, communications, and electronics; and the integration of emerging and traditional materials.

Xia’s work of black phosphorous was featured in a recent issue of Nature Communications. Xia and colleagues identified black phosphorus, the most stable phosphorus allotrope traditionally considered for battery anode applications, as a novel 2D material that exhibits high carrier mobility and extraordinary optical responses, for constructing future thin-film electronics and infrared imagers. Moreover, the researchers revealed its in-plane anisotropic properties, which may find special applications in electronics and optics.

For more information about Xia’s research group, visit the Xia Group website.