Samuel Judson Wins NDSEG Fellowship

Departments: Computer Science

Samuel Judson has received the 2020 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship. 

The award is a three-year fellowship from the Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).      

Judson, a Ph.D. student in the lab of Ruzica Piskac, the Donna L. Dubinsky Associate Professor of Computer Science, is working on combining formal methods and applied cryptography to develop correct, accountable, and privacy-preserving systems. His current projects are developing algorithms for privacy-preserving verification of software correctness, and developing a formal framework for accountability in distributed systems which could be amenable to automated analysis.

The DoD NDSEG Fellowship Program, established in 1989 by direction of Congress and sponsored by the Army, Navy, and Air Force, serves as a means of increasing the number of United States citizens trained in science and engineering disciplines of military importance. Since program inception, over 4,000 fellowships have been awarded and over 60,000 applications received. DoD plans to award new three-year graduate fellowships each fiscal year (subject to the availability of funds) to individuals who have demonstrated ability and special aptitude for advanced training in science and engineering.