Researchers from Judy Cha's Lab Honored

Two researchers in the lab of Judy Cha, Carol and Douglas Melamed Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, have received prestigious scholarships

Ph.D. student Yujun (Terry) Xie is a recipient of a 2017 Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship. Xie employs in situ transmission electron microscopy to understand material dynamics that dictate their properties at the atomic scale.  For the Ludo fellowship, he was recognized for his study of how glassy metals crystallize at the nanoscale.  In particular, he found that the crystallization kinetics deviates greatly if you make the sample size very small.  This has implications for processing and manufacturing of such materials in small dimensions.

John Woods, also a Ph.D. student, is selected as a Hoge Fellow for the 2016-2017 academic year. The support comes from the Pierre W. Hoge Foundation Fund at Yale. Woods works on topological insulator nanostructures to understand the unique electrical properties of the surface electrons and their potential applications in quantum computing and energy-efficient electronics.  He focuses on making these topological insulator materials in reduced dimensions at the nanoscale so that the interesting electrical properties of surface can emerge.