In “Near and Far,” Yale Engineer Exhibits His Love of Watercolor


In 1976, Dan Rosner’s cover article for the interdisciplinary AAAS journal Science suggested that the bony plates prominently lining the stegosaurus’s back and tail were probably used for heat exchange. But the cover image—a memorable etching of the dinosaur—revealed a very different side of Rosner’s work: his artistic side.

After all, it was Rosner’s etching.

Now, 38 years later, the Yale campus is getting another glimpse into Rosner’s artistic side through an exhibition of recent work being held in Morse College’s Gallery Room (L55).

The show, titled “Near and Far,” is a double billing with watercolors by Rosner—now a professor emeritus of chemical & environmental engineering who continues to work at Yale as research professor—and black and white photographs by Deborah Tenny, the Bass Writing Tutor for Morse College. In addition to working at Yale, both artists are also members of the New Haven Creative Arts Workshop.

The exhibition opened on Monday, Oct. 6 with a well-attended public reception, and will remain in the gallery until Friday, Oct. 17; visitors are welcome between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm.

In addition to this show, Rosner has additional exhibitions planned in the public libraries of Orange, CT (February, 2015) and Woodbridge, CT (June, 2015).