Mohammadreza Nazemi Wins Electrochemical Society Fellowship

Postdoctoral researcher Mohammadreza Nazemi has received the Electrochemical Society’s prestigious 2022 ECS Colin Garfield Fink Fellowship.

The fellowship will support his research project focusing on developing an electrochemical system comprising single-atom metal catalysts to degrade a wide range of organic pollutants and recover valuable resources (nitrogen-based compounds) from complex wastewater matrices.

“I am very excited to receive this fellowship and so grateful to ECS for continuing to support members’ professional growth,” said Nazemi, a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Jaehong Kim, the Henry P. Becton Sr. Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering. “The fellowship enables me to lead and explore a new research topic, which is invaluable experience in project management, budgeting, and timely deliverables for my future independent career.”

Technology co-invented by Dr. Nazemi was recently licensed by Hydrofuel Inc. to complete a commercial application and demonstration of the micro-ammonia production system (MAPS). This electrochemistry-based technology produces pure ammonia from atmospheric nitrogen, water, and renewable electricity.

Nazemi completed his PhD at the Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2020 with Professor Mostafa A. El-Sayed. At Georgia Tech, he worked as a graduate research assistant in the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering (August 2015-May 2020), then as a postdoctoral fellow in Chemistry and Biochemistry (June 2020-August 2021). He then joined Kim’s research group at Yale.

Other honors that Nazemi has received include the 2021 American Chemical Society Physical Chemistry Division Young Investigator Award and 2018 Amazon Catalyst at ECS award. At Georgia Tech in 2020, he was the Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results Class of 2020 Fellow, and received the Georgia Research Alliance Award and Georgia Tech-Oak Ridge National Lab Seed Grant Award. Dr. Nazemi is first author of 12 articles (h-index 10). CRC Press published his book, Photo-electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis: Nanocatalyst Discovery, Reactor Design, and Advanced Spectroscopy, in 2022.

An active member of the Electrochemical Society, Nazemi served as student member of the Society’s Individual Membership Committee and officer of the ECS Georgia Tech Student Chapter (2017-2020).

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