Funbotics Event Launches New 3D Camps, New Partnership


Funbotics is hosting an event Saturday, April 23 to launch its upcoming 3D printing camps and celebrate its newly formed partnership with the 3D printer company Anycubic.

A national non-profit organization, Funbotics seeks to provide free STEM education to those in underrepresented and under-resourced communities. It has mentored more than 500 students since it began. Many students in these programs go from never having used a screwdriver to building and operating their own 3D printers. Helping with their ambitious mission are partnerships with SEAS, Tsai CITY and Yale Pathways to Science.

The event takes place at the Mann Student Center at 10 Hillhouse Ave. at 11 a.m. Scheduled speakers are:

- SEAS Deputy Dean Vincent Wilczynski, 

- Anycubic Global Brand VP Yan

- Anycubic U.S. representative Melissa Lu

- Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Ian Abraham

- Program Manager for Yale Pathways to Science Maria Parente 

- Funbotics founders Pranav Avasarala ’22 and Andonny Garcia ’22

The partnership with Anycubic, a 3D printer company based in China, will provide free 3D printers, allowing Funbotics to host free 3D printing camps aimed at increasing diversity in STEM across the nation. Anycubic will be providing Funbotics over 160 3D printers in order to hold 4 more camps throughout the next year.

The first of these camps is 3D printing showcase camp, which takes place on Saturday April 23rd from 1pm-3pm, right after the partnership ceremony.

“In the program, we will be showing off seven different types of 3D printers that Anycubic has sent us,” Avasarala said. “The students will learn about the differences between PLA and Resin 3D printing, what the 3D printing process consists of, and how each of the different types of printers work. This program is only one session two-hour camp, with between 10 and 15 students from the Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology. We plan on going to set up the 3D printers at the ConnCAT center the previous day, and we will be teaching the kids through zoom.”

The other three 3D modeling and printing camps that Funbotics is planning in partnership with Anycubic will have 50 students each, for a total of 150 3D printers given away to students through these programs. These programs will take place over three days, over which students will learn how to construct their 3D printers, how to 3D model, and how to print their creations.