A Conference that Brings Together Engineering Students from Across the Globe


The Intercollegiate Engineering Alliance (IEA) will host its first summer conference, "Pioneers: Engineering the Next Decade," July 31 to August 1. 

The virtual event will bring together accomplished speakers spanning the engineering disciplines, and attendees will have a chance to interact with them through Q&A sessions. There will also be networking sessions where engineering students can connect with peers from around the world.

One of the conference organizers, Yash Samantaray ’21, said that the IEA has had some social events since it formed last year, but that this is its first conference. 

“We’re inviting all engineering students from any university from across the world,” said Samantaray, who graduated in May with a major in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science. “We’re hoping this will be the world’s largest student engineering conference. It gives an opportunity to provide engineering resources and speakers that might not be available at a single university.”

The organization began last year, he said, when students from Oxford contacted the Yale chapter of Tau Beta Pi about starting an organization for networking and resource-sharing. The IEA now has more than 40 university members. 

“I very much agreed with their mission statement of trying to include all universities and making sure that everyone has access to great engineering resources,” he said. “At a university like Yale, we have access to great speakers and access to great companies, but that’s not always true for other universities.” 

To register and to get a full schedule and more information about the conference: https://www.intercollegiateengineeringalliance.com/conference