Network Optimization in the Era of Virtualization - Cancelled

Time: Monday, April 23, 2018 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Type: Seminar Series
Presenter: Georgios Paschos; Huawei Technologies
Room/Office: Room 335
17 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
United States



Department of Electrical Engineering & the Yale Institute for Network Science (YINS) 

"Network Optimization in the Era of Virtualization"

Georgios Paschos
Huawei Technologies, Paris, France

Abstract: Future networks based on virtualization will enable on-the-fly instantiation of services in the form of "network slices". In this talk we will focus on a fundamental resource allocation problem in this context, that of finding a minimum cost embedding of a network slice onto a graph representing the available resources of our architecture. Apart from being the cornerstone problem for resource allocation, network slice embedding is also a computational bottleneck due to its high complexity. I will introduce a novel model that aims to tradeoff accuracy for efficiency, mimicking the classical approach of bandwidth sharing in the Internet, but also extending it to include sharing of computing resources. The new model admits solution methodologies from the theory of continuous optimization which can be made fast, scalable, and distributed. Additionally, it allows to consider the joint embedding of multiple slices, and to scale their resources in a fair manner. A potential solution based on the Alternate Direction of Multipliers Method will be presented, which yields the optimal solution in a distributed fashion, similar to existing TCP protocols. The talk is summarized with a short discussion of interesting research directions in the area of network slicing.

Bio: Since Nov 2014, Georgios is a principal researcher at Huawei Technologies, Paris, France, leading the Network Control and Resource Allocation team. Previously, he held research positions at LIDS, MIT (USA) '12-'14, CERTH-ITI (Greece) '08-'12, and VTT (Finland), '07-'08. For the period '09-'12 he also taught at the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Dept. of University of Thessaly. He received his diploma in ECE from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, ('02) and his PhD degree in Wireless Networks from ECE dept. University of Patras ('06), both in Greece. Two of his papers won the best paper award, in GLOBECOM 07' and IFIP Wireless Days 09' respectively. He was the editor of IEEE JSAC special issue for content caching and delivery, and he actively serves as an associate editor for IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networking, and as a Technical Program Committee member of INFOCOM, WiOPT, and Netsoft.

Thursday, April 23, 2018 at 3:00pm
17 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 335
Hosted by: Professor Leandros Tassiulas