John Fenn Centennial Celebration

Time: Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 8:15am - 5:15pm

John Fenn Centennial Celebration

Please join us to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the birth of John. B. Fenn. Professor Fenn was a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering, and is remembered for his witty lectures and a distinguished research career in the physical chemistry of free jets and the electrospray, culminating in his sharing of the 2002 Chemistry Nobel Prize. At the time this was the first Nobel Prize awarded for work in an engineering department!

Yale colleagues and friends have organized a one-day symposium with a focus on the electrospray and its applications (see program).

Time: Saturday, June 10
Location: Mason Lab, ML 211, 9 Hillhouse Ave

Register now to stay up to date on program announcements and notices. Registration is free but mandatory to ensure that the symposium venue has appropriate capacity and order adequate refreshments for breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch.

Further details on accommodations and banquet are here.