Masters Degrees

Yale Engineering graduates are working at the forefront of technology and science and have made outstanding contributions to society in the form of innovative technologies and significant research discoveries. 

Our Engineering program builds on a strong and broad foundation of related sciences and has been successfully developing emerging technologies, while also being interdisciplinary and flexible.  Graduate students develop their own course of study and research in consultation with faculty.

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Students may apply directly to a terminal master's degree program. This program is normally completed in one year, but a part-time program may be spread over as many as four years.


To qualify for a master's degree, students must pass eight term courses; no more than two may be Special Investigations. An average grade of at least High Pass is required, with at least one grade of Honors. There are no core course requirements. To see a list of available courses, please click here.


Tuition is $5,262.50 per course for the 2018-19 academic year. There is no financial assistance available for students enrolled in the master's degree program.

Career Information

The Yale Office of Career Strategy is a comprehensive career center for students and alumni/ae of Yale University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Yale College, and Postdoctoral Scholars. OCS offers career advising, employment and internship opportunities, and career development resources with the goal of helping students clarify their career aspirations and make purposeful life choices. OCS consults with directors of graduate studies to develop programs that supplement the department's role in the professional development of students pursuing a non-academic career.

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