Wenjun Hu

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Room / Office: Room 325
Office Address:
17 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 208263
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone: (203) 436-5944
Email: wenjun.hu@yale.edu
  • BA, University of Cambridge
  • Ph.D., University of Cambridge


I am broadly interested in networked systems. I hope to make them work better, by designing faster networks, more robust and scalable services, and supporting richer functionalities. My research explores the application of techniques from communications, information, and coding theories to practical system design and prototyping on real systems. My current focus is on wireless and mobile systems, including flexible wireless protocols, and mobile edge computing. Here is my Google Scholar profile.

Selected Awards & Honors:

  • 2018 SIGCOMM Test-of-Time Award
  • 2009 IEEE Bennett Prize

Selected Publications:

  • Peizhen Guo, Bo Hu, Rui Li, and Wenjun Hu. FoggyCache: Cross-Device Approximate Computation Reuse. In Proceedings to MobiCom 2018.
  • Peizhen Guo and Wenjun Hu. Potluck: Cross-Application Approximate Deduplication for Computation-Intensive Mobile Applications. In Proceedings of ASPLOS 2018.
  • Allen Welkie, Longfei Shangguan, Jeremy Gummeson, Wenjun Hu, and Kyle Jamieson. Programmable Radio Environment for Smart Spaces. In Proceedings of HotNets 2017.
  • Viet Nguyen, Yaqin Tang, Ashwin Ashok, Marco Gruteser, Kristin Dana, Wenjun Hu, Eric Wengrowski, and Narayan Mandayam. High-rate flicker-free screen-camera communication with spatially adaptive embedding. In Proceedings of INFOCOM 2016.
  • Shuyu Shi, Lin Chen, Wenjun Hu, and Marco Gruteser. Reading between lines: High-rate, non-intrusive visual codes within regular videos via ImplicitCode. In Proceedings of UbiComp 2015.
  • Xiao Lin Liu, Wenjun Hu, Chong Luo, Qifan Pu, Feng Wu, and Yongguang Zhang. ParCast+: Parallel video unicast in MIMO-OFDM WLANs. In IEEE Transaction on Multimedia, November 2014.
  • Wenjun Hu, Jingshu Mao, Zihui Huang, Yiqing Xue, Junfeng She, Kaigui Bian, and Guobin Shen. Strata: Layered coding for scalable visual communication. In Proceedings of MobiCom 2014.
  • Xiao Lin Liu, Wenjun Hu, Chong Luo, Feng Wu. Compressive image broadcasting in MIMO systems with receiver antenna heterogeneity. In Signal Processing: Image Communication, March 2014.
  • Wenjun Hu, Hao Gu, and Qifan Pu. LightSync: Unsynchronized visual communication over screen-camera links. In Proceedings of MobiCom 2013.
  • Qing Yang, Xiaoxiao Li, Hongyi Yao, Ji Fang, Kun Tan, Wenjun Hu, Jiansong Zhang, and Yongguang Zhang. BigStation: Enabling Scalable Real-time Signal Processing in Large MU-MIMO Systems. In Proceedings of SIGCOMM 2013.
  • Xiao Lin Liu, Wenjun Hu, Qifan Pu, Feng Wu, and Yongguang Zhang. ParCast: Soft video delivery in MIMO-OFDM WLANs. In Proceedings of MobiCom 2012.
  • Daniel Halperin, Wenjun Hu, Anmol Sheth and David Wetherall. Predictable 802.11 packet delivery from wireless channel measurements. In Proceedings of SIGCOMM 2010.
  • Sachin Katti, Hariharan Rahul, Wenjun Hu, Dina Katabi, Muriel Medard and Jon Crowcroft. XORs in the air: Practical wireless network coding. In IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, June 2008.
  • Bjorn Scheuermann, Wenjun Hu and Jon Crowcroft. Near-Optimal Co-ordinated Coding in wireless multihop networks. In Proceedings of CoNEXT 2007.
  • Christos Gkantsidis, Wenjun Hu, Peter Key, Bozidar Radunovic, Pablo Rodriguez and Steluta Gheorghiu. Multipath Code Casting for wireless mesh networks. In Proceedings of CoNEXT 2007.
  • Sachin Katti, Hariharan Rahul, Wenjun Hu, Dina Katabi, Muriel Medard and Jon Crowcroft. XORs in the air: Practical wireless network coding. In Proceedings of SIGCOMM 2006.
  • Elgan Huang, Wenjun Hu, Jon Crowcroft and Ian Wassell. Towards commercial ad hoc network applications - A radio dispatch system. In Proceedings of MobiHOC 2005.