Project Bright Celebrates Earth Day with Solar Powered Smoothies

Project Bright lifts a smoothie glass to Earth Day

It’s common knowledge that plants convert the sun’s energy into fuel for growth. Project Bright is celebrating Earth Day by showing how that same energy could be converted into sustainable electricity that can process those plants into a delicious, healthy snack.

Camped out on Cross Campus, the group treated passersby to fruit-and-veggie smoothies with a twist: the electricity powering their blender came from a nearby solar panel soaking up the sun’s rays.

The idea, according to Project Bright team members, was to have some fun while showing just how easy and simple it is to utilize solar power for even small tasks. In line with their demonstration and as a part of the group’s public outreach, the team also had a petition available for Yale affiliates who’d like to see the University source more of their energy from solar-derived sources.

The team’s sustainable Earth Day roots, however, go beyond the very visible smoothie making. In addition to advocating for sustainable energy, the group built the enclosure for their solar panel using only the material from a shipping crate that had been left out as trash, repurposing the wood and even the nails into an angled stand that directs the panel at the sun. Instead of ending up in the trash, the perfectly usable wood is now an important part of smoothie delivery.

Project Bright’s smoothie stand was part of a bigger Earth Day celebration taking place on Cross Campus, with a joint faculty/student “Teach Out” exploring issues of sustainability and climate.