Lee Wins 2012 NAMBE Young Investigator Award


Minjoo Larry Lee, assistant professor of electrical engineering, received the 2012 Young Investigator Award at the North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy Conference. The conference is the premier forum for scientific and technological exchange among researchers investigating materials growth using the MBE technique.
Sponsored by the North America MBE Advisory Board, the Young Investigator Award recognizes individuals making significant contributions to the science and technology of MBE and who show promise for future leadership in the field. Lee received the award “For outstanding contributions to growth of III-phosphide materials and devices by solid-source molecular beam epitaxy.”

Professor Alan Doolittle (Georgia Tech), Lee, and NAMBE advisory board chair, Professor Charles Tu (UCSD).

III-phosphide compound semiconductors already play a crucial role in wireless communication, high-brightness light-emitting diodes, and high-efficiency solar cells for space applications. One of the unique aspects of phosphides is that their optical properties can be tuned over a wide wavelength range spanning from green to the infrared. Lee believes that fundamental advances in growth of III-P materials will ultimately enable integration of III-V devices with Si and multi-junction solar cells with efficiencies exceeding 50%.

For winning the award, Lee received a plaque and $1,000. Previous winners of the Young Investigator Award are Joshua M.O. Zide, Zetian Mi, Barry Wu, Aaron Ptak, Seth Bank, Sanjay Krishna, and Hock Ng.