Abbas Firoozabadi

Abbas Firoozabadi


Research Lab
Adjunct Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Room / Office: Mason 103
Office Address:
9 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 208286
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone: (203) 432-4379
Fax: (203) 432-4387

Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology


The main theme of our research group is hydrocarbon energy production and environmental stewardship. There is a recent focus on CO2 injection in the subsurface. Our research areas cover: 1) multiphase fluid flow in homogeneous and heterogeneous (layered/fracture) porous media and flow lines, 2) bulk-phase thermodynamics, irreversible thermodynamics, and surface thermodynamics in solving issues of oil and gas production and transport, and 3) study of changes in the gravitational field by the moon and the sun in hydrocarbon reservoirs to infer various reservoir parameters. We conduct numerical modeling for massive computations, do theoretical work, and perform experimental research. Our group is  involved in advanced research aspects of some large scale and complex CO2 subsurface injection for possible implementation in different parts of the world.

Selected Awards & Honors:

  • Member, National Academy of Engineering (2011)
  • SPE Honorary Member (2009)
  • John Franklin Award from the Society of Petroleum Engineers  (2004)
  • Anthony Lucas Gold Medal, highest technical award in the field of petroleum engineering  (2002)
  • Best Paper Award, J. of Canadian Petroleum Technology  (2001)
  • SPE Reservoir Engineering Award  (2000)

Selected Publications:

  • Mixing from Fickian Diffusion and Natural Convection in Binary Non-equilibrium Fluid Phases, L. Rongy, K. B. Haugen, A. Firoozabadi, 2012, AIChE J., 58(5), 1336-1345.
  • Field- and Concentration-Dependence of Electrostatics in Non-polar Colloidal Asphaltene Suspensions, S. Hashmi, A. Firoozabadi, 2012, Soft Matter, 8, 1878.
  • Molecular Thermodynamic Modeling of Droplet-type Microemulsions, L. Moreira, A. Firoozabadi, 2012, Langmuir, 28, 1738−1752.
  • Tuning Size and Electrostatics in Non-Polar Colloidal Asphaltene Suspensions by Polymeric Adsorption, S. Hashmi, A. Firoozabadi, 2011, Soft Matter, 7, 8384-8391.
  • Efficient and Robust Three-Phase Split Computations, K.B. Haugen, L. Sun, A. Firoozabadi, 2011, AIChE J., 57(9), 2555-2565.
  • Modeling Infinite Dilution and Fickian Diffusion Coefficients of Carbon Dioxide in Water, W. Mutoru, A., Leahy-Dios, A. Firoozabadi, 2011, AIChE J., 57(6), 1617-1627.
  • Form of Multicomponent Fickian Diffusion Coefficients Matrix, J. Mutoru, A. Firoozabadi, 2011, J. Chemical Thermodynamics, 43, 1192–1203.
  • Molecular Thermodynamic Modeling of Specific Ion Effects on Micellization of Ionic Surfactants, L. Moreira, A. Firoozabadi, 2010, Languimir, 26(19), 15177–15191.
  • Effect of Dispersant on Asphaltene Suspension Dynamics: Aggregation and Sedimentation, S. Hashmi, A. Firoozabadi, 2010, J. Phys Chem B, 114, 15780-15788.
  • Anti-agglomeration in Cyclopentane Hydrates from Biosurfactant and Cosurfactant, X. Li, L. Negadi, A. Firoozabadi, 2010, Energy Fuels, 24, 4937–4943.
  • Prospects for subsurface CO2 sequestration, P. Cheng, A. Firoozabadi, 2010, AIChE J., Invited Perspective paper, 56(6), 1398-1405.
  • Polymeric Dispersants Delay Sedimentation in Colloidal Asphaltene Suspensions, S. Hashmi, L. Quintiliano, A. Firoozabadi, 2010, Langmuir, 26(11), 8021–8029.
  • Composition at the Interface Between Multicomponent Non-Equilibrium Phases, K. Haugen, A. Firoozabadi, 2009, J. Chem. Phy.s, 130, 064707-1.
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  • Mixing of two binary non-equilibrium phases in one dimension, K. Haugen, A. Firoozabadi, 2009, AIChE J., 55(8), 1903-1936.
  • Thermodynamic modeling of the duality of linear 1-alcohols as co-surfactants and co-solvents in self-assembly of surfactant molecules, L. Moreira, A. Firoozabadi, 2009, Langmuir, 25(20), 12101-12113.
  • The Effects of Anti-Agglomerants on the Interactions between Hydrate Particles, Mark R. Anklam, J. Dalton York, Abbas Firoozabadi, 2008, AIChE J, 54(2), 113.
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  • New Thermal Diffusion Coefficient Measurements for Binary Hydrocarbon Mixtures: Viscosity and Composition Dependency, Alana Leahy-Dios, L. Zhou, Abbas Firoozabadi, 2008, J. Phys. Chem. B, 112, 6442-6447.
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